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Album Release by ROMAN “Own Word (20 Pages)” Out Now!

ROMAN’s Album “Own Word (20 Pages)” is an in your face artistic expression of a young man breaking out of his comfort zone and embracing the fire, driving him to step outside his limits for creative freedom. With his powerhouse vocally charged choruses to his rhythmic hip-hop flow, each song represents a stage of emotion taking him from questioning who he is to knowing exactly what he wants and how to get there.

From the first song written to the last, ROMAN’s “Own World (20 Pages)” takes the listener on a personal journey of lows, highs and everything in between. From frustrations stemming from Covid Lockdown to the loss of a good friend, ROMAN overcomes his internal struggles with anger, sadness, gratitude and a sense of rebirth. He is accepting of what was, rose above the ashes like a phoenix, stronger and more confident in his journey. For ROMAN initially felt he wanted to change who he was to become who he wanted to be, but through self-reflection and his musical outlet, he realized he wouldn’t be who he was without his past and embraces the beauty found in growth.

With this album’s songs crossing all genres from Rock and Funk to Hip-Hop by combining punching guitar, rhythmic licks, smooth bass lines, bright melodic keys and energetic drum beats, this unique sound combined with its depth in ROMAN’s storylines captivate the listener.

20 Pages is of significance and a common thread throughout the album, from the first song to the last. The 20 verses bring him from a vulnerable state to a fearlessness that has launched his musical trajectory.

ROMAN is an artist’s name for Berklee College of Music Student Thomas Foschino. He began his musical journey playing drums, branching off into guitar, bass, and vocals. He found his muse in the ability to express his most complex thoughts through hip-hop. You can feel and hear his grit and tenacity through each vocal expression. This work of art is a musical masterpiece in its own right. The dedication and “all in” mentality has made ROMAN a force to be reckoned with. With more songs in the works for the next album, this is only the beginning for ROMAN.

“Own World (20 Pages)” is out on all streaming platforms LISTEN HERE.

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Album Release by ROMAN “Own Word (20 Pages)” Out Now! – Next Generation Concerts
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