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Interview with Photographer Brandon Loo

Brandon Loo is a local up and coming photographer that captured The Local Connection: Acoustic Open Mic at the Aloft Hotel in the Seaport Boston on September 21st, 2023. We interviewed Brandon to get the inside scoop on his professional photography career.

Jackie of Next Generation Concerts: “How long have you been a photographer?”

Brandon Loo: “I’ve technically been practicing photography since I was a child but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I really took photography seriously. My father is an extremely passionate photographer in which I grew up around a bunch of camera equipment around the house and probably a camera pointed at me. It was only a matter of time before I latched on to that and was ready to take my own shots.

Jackie: “Why are you passionate about photography?

Brandon Loo: “In general I like to photograph people, places, and things – I really don’t think I would classify myself as a specific type of photographer. When I started taking photography seriously this year, initially, I was shooting cityscapes/landscapes just as a way to complement my travels. I think now and looking at my camera roll from the past couple of months I’ve really enjoyed photographing people. I think people are a very interesting subject to photograph; when you take a picture of someone, you are capturing them, their environment, and occasionally their emotions in that specific moment in time. I haven’t shied away from shooting cityscapes/landscapes though. I believe you can also capture the energy and emotion of scenery.”

Jackie: “What are your goals?” 

Brandon Loo: “Overall my goal as a photographer is to show someone “what they don’t see”. As in I want to offer someone my unique vision and perspective in form of a photograph. Professionally speaking, hopefully this can translate into different opportunities down the road for me to take photography to the next level.”

Jackie: “What did you love about capturing our open mic?”

Brandon Loo: “I loved capturing the energy, atmosphere, and sense of community. It was great to see all the different artists come together to perform, each with their own styles of music. As I was talking about capturing people in a moment in time before, it was amazing to capture all these amazing artist in their moment: doing what they are passionate about at a great venue.”

Jackie: “Anything you want to add?”

Brandon Loo: “I think photography and music are more closely related than people think. Just like music, in photography composition is everything! A well composed image is like music to the eyes “

You can follow him on Instagram @Brandon Loo

The Local Connection: Acoustic Open Mic is on Saturday October 28th at Aloft Boston. Registration link here. 

Check out some of his work from 9/21 below

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Interview with Photographer Brandon Loo – Next Generation Concerts
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