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Meet 10-year-old Abby Bernard

Abby Bernard is a 10-year-old singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with her dynamic vocals, infectious smile, graceful confidence, and excitable energy. Covering artists like Whitney Houston and Adelle, to performing classics like Amazing Grace to the National Anthem, Abby sings with precision and enthusiasm. She has a passionate interest in singing, acting, dancing, songwriting, and all things artistic. 

She is currently enrolled in the Leblanc School of Acting and the Ensemble Performing Arts School. She is an aspiring songwriter actively writing new songs on her piano. Abby creates from her heart and is inspired by her zest for life, love of family, and appreciation for friends. Abby can tether from powerhouse vocals to relaxed soulful melodies without difficulty. Her natural poise balances well with her enthusiasm on stage. Abby loves to sing, perform and connect with audiences of all ages. 

Abby has had many accolades in her young life. In July 2021, she performed at the “VocalStar Music Showcase” in Los Angeles and won Second Place for “Best Kids Performer”. In September of 2022, she performed the National Anthem at The Broadway South Boston for the NFL Season opener. Recently, she was nominated for a Gospel singer Award at an event called “Boston Mega Praise”. 

Abby and her family are active members of their community and church. She began singing Gospel at age five and treasures the opportunities given to her at such a young age. In October of 2022, she sang “The Goodness of God” at both The Sisters in Prayer Women’s Brunch and the Grace Church of Cape Cod.  

Abby Bernard is motivated, dedicated and excited for her future. Her natural born talents, along with her strong work ethic and grateful heart will make her a success in all she sets out to achieve. Abby is grateful for any opportunity to share her art with the world.  

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Meet 10-year-old Abby Bernard – Next Generation Concerts
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