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Cam Hebert, Music, Family and Hard Work.

In a society where it seems everyone wants to be famous and live the life of a Rockstar, it’s refreshing to have found a talented individual who has mastered the art of humility and sincerity; using music and poetry as the vehicle, on a pathway of endless creation, driving toward the ultimate destination of shared experience. We recently sat down for an interview with Cam Hebert and this is what we found.

“A step backward, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction.” (Kurt Vonnegut) 

One could argue that Cam’s musical journey began at age eight when he started playing Viola in the school band. The teacher who literally had to wake him up during their recital might argue that Cam was on the right journey but holding the wrong instrument. Sundays with Dad would change all that.


To many, Sunday is the Sabbath. To 8 year old Cam, Saturday was for Sabbath…Black Sabbath, Poison, Motley Crue, and many others. Saturday was in fact the day of worship, but he worshiped the guitar gods of his Dad’s era; C.C. DeVille, Zack Wylde, and Mick Mars. As he reaches back and pulls the memory from his brain, it’s hard to shake the vision of 80’s montage even though it was set in the early 2000’s.

“My Dad is my idol. I loved spending Sunday’s with him. So here’s me this little 8 year old mohawke wearing kid, coming out of my Dad’s garage where he had like a full arcade with wack-a-mole, race-car driving games, and pinball machines. Before loading the truck, we would bag and tag the trash which was a mix of computer parts and random trash you might expect from a lifelong mechanic. We would jump in my Dad’s Maroon 2004 F150 and I can picture myself spinning the wheel of Dad’s Ipod to ‘Nothing But a Good Time.’ That was the first song on most Sundays. Spring and summer days meant windows down and speakers on blast. I learned to enjoy hard work and rock music on those days. They will stay with me forever. “

Today, Cam Hebert is a 20-year old professional musician with a healthy balance of gigs, teaching, hosting open mics and learning or writing new songs to add to his arsenal. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Cam beginning in 2018 in our former business the All You Got Tour LLC, which was a youth music tour dedicated to young musicians that closed during the pandemic.

He was the lead guitarist in the Tour Band that headlined shows at venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, Hampton Beach Seashell Stage, Lawn On D, and multiple locations all over New England. Cam mastered a lengthy song list of Top 40 hits from the 60s to today. He was a valuable asset to us. Cam played with great enthusiasm and passion. We relied upon him to learn songs, sometimes the day before a show and he always came through with a positive attitude. His excitement, high-energy and consideration to his band mates was always something we admired about him.

These days Cam is hyper-focused on learning as much as he can about the music industry and taking accountability for his own success. He has been working closely with Color in Sound, LLC, which specializes in business, design, marketing, public relations, tech, advertising, and consulting services. Cam has learned how to protect his music and develop websites and social media platforms.

He’s been hosting at Heath Pizzeria in Needham with Color in Sound for a few years now and we recently teamed up with him to help us expand our Open Mic events. He’s now hosting at the Aloft Hotel in Framingham and occasionally at the Aloft Hotel in the Seaport Boston. He shows up early, fully prepared and excited for the night. As a musician himself, he understands how to connect and make people feel comfortable enough to try new things. You can often see him going over songs on the side lines with new singers and soon after performing them for the first time. When we asked him why he loves being in music his response was..

“Playing music is an extension of who I am. It’s the easiest way for me to communicate and connect with people. My favorite thing in the world is watching an audience become excited about a cover song I’m playing or become inspired by one of my originals. I love everything about music.”

For being such a young man, Cam’s experience in the music world and view on life is rare. He works hard and stays focused. Although you can see him perform covers from all genres like Classic Rock, Country, R & B, Hip-Hop and more, Cam will always go back to his roots of pure 80s Hair Metal Rock and Roll. He may have grown up from the days with Dad on Saturdays, but the lessons learned carry him through his life. 

Cam remains closely connected to family. His mother Donna Hebert, who has three other children and works two jobs, is also his business partner in their music agency Fire and Ice Gigs. They work closely with industry operators to secure opportunities and host events. We love this Mom/Son Duo! Cam also plays with his bassist brother Matthew throughout the years.

In 2022 Cam co-wrote and released “Set Free” with Ava Bella, which is about overcoming changes, having faith in the unknown, and finding success in the outcome. The song reached over 96,000 views on YouTube. Check it out below.

Cam’s catalog of original music is expanding and due to his ever-growing network, he often collaborates with vocalists across many genres. both in studio and live on stage. As the nicer weather arrives, Cam continues his residency at Faneuil Hall in Boston and will be seen at venues throughout New England.

When he’s not hosting or performing, Cam fills in as a teacher at his childhood music school Plugged In while also becoming a strong asset in the Creative Equals Project with Color in Sound LLC by providing direct guidance in songwriting and music enrichment programs helping individuals with disabilities learn to move, dance and become stimulated.

Be sure to follow Cam Hebert HERE and enjoy these photos of Cam growing up with music at the forefront.

“Cam Hebert is a multifaceted music professional who is reliable, attentive, and assertive. His enthusiasm, versatility, and attention to detail allow him to take on any project with confidence and follow through. Cam is a dedicated musician that can cross musical genres and styles effortlessly. His dynamic stage presence and versatility shine through in projects of different styles and genres.  His hard work and commitment combined with his passion for music and community have Cam continuing to thrive and make an impact in the lives around him.”

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Cam Hebert, Music, Family and Hard Work. – Next Generation Concerts
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